The Web Sites listed below have been created by various State and Federal Government Agencies to help Veterans by providing them with Job Opportunities. Most of these Web Sites are ONLY for Military Veterans!
Department of Labor Website, dedicated to hiring Veterans’ ONLY!
American’s Veterans – Valued – Experienced – Trained. The Skills we need. The Dedication we want. Links to various Federal Agencies that are currently hiring Veterans to fill their
current job openings.
Is a non-profit charity networking Web site that provides information about military-friendly
All Orlando VAMC External Vacancies.
USA-JOBS, Working for American. This is a one-stop source of information for Federal jobs
and employment throughout federal government.
Website at the VA that provide information about employment.
You can locate information about various VA facilities located throughout the United States, including VA Facilities that are currently being built.
This is the VA’s Nursing Website that provides information on this discipline with links to health care jobs information, scholarship and awards information; click on the applicable links on this website.
All Current Vacancies in the Veterans Health Administration. This Site is updated daily!
This is the VA’s Vocational Rehabilitation Website that includes information about Veteran Education Programs and assistance with Employment for Veterans.
Linking Sites for Veterans to network with all the large business industries throughout the United States.
Joining Forces is a national initiative that mobilizes all sectors of society to give our service members and their families the opportunities and support they have earned! Direct from the President of the United States at the White House!
VA Web Site designed specifically to help Military Personnel who are leaving the Military Service and need “transitional help” finding a job in today’s work force.
National Resource Directory, a “secure” Web Site that allows Veterans to find work that is similar to the type of job(s) that they were trained for in the Military! This Web Site converts your MOS/MOC(s) into the civilian equivalent for job experience(s).
Find civilian jobs that correspond to your military experience and personal career preferences. Please provide a keyword and location regarding careers you are interested in, then narrow your search results with the filters on the left of the page.