Members in good standing shall be authorized to wear the American Legion Riders small and large patches, on a vest or jacket. When wearing both patches, the small patch shall be worn on the right breast and the large patch shall be worn on the back.

The patches are available, and will be sold, to members of the American Legion Riders only. The large and small patches are only available for purchase from our Post or at Emblem Sales, PA American Legion Headquarters.

A rocker patch may worn beneath the large Riders patch, indicating “VETERAN”, “LEGIONNAIRE”, “AUXILIARY” or “SQUADRON” with a separation of a ¼ of an inch or less, but not touching to appear as if they were a single patch.

When the American Flag is worn, it should be the highest pin/patch on the left. Members may have a POW/MIA patch on the right or left breast.

Other patches and pins may be worn on the front of the vest or jacket. It is preferable to have the large patch and rocker on the back in prominence. Offensive patches are strictly prohibited.

The following is the Florida Legion Riders recommended vest layout, this is only a recommendation.

  1. The American Flag placed on the left side (heart side) upper breast area. Nothing should be placed higher than the American Flag
  2. If you wish to wear military awards this would be the appropriate place to do so or you may use it for pins etc., or to your liking.
  3. If an American Legion, American Legion Auxiliary or Sons of The American Legion patch is worn this is the recommended placement.
  4. It is appropriate for a POW – MIA patch to be worn on the upper right breast. Note this patch should be in line with or below the American Flag on the opposite side.
  5. Should you hold an Officers Position in the Legion Riders this is an appropriate place for the officers patch to go.
  6. Name tag. This can of course be either your real name or road/riders name (nickname).
  7. If the small American Legion Riders patch is worn on the front of the vest this would be the appropriate placement.

The rest of the front of the vest is for other patches and pins of your liking. Make sure your vest represents the American Legion and American Legion Riders respectfully. Please refrain from profane or objectionable patches and pins.